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Online Resources for Chemical Safety in Science Education, CheSSE, is a three-year ERASMUS+ project that started September 1st 2020. The aim of CheSSE is to develop condensed, up-to date, online resources about chemical safety in science education.

The primary target groups of the project are science and chemistry teachers, head of schools and science teacher educators. The content can also be useful for national and regional agencies that support and control the use of chemicals in science and chemistry education.

A desired long-term goal is that teachers feel competent and safe when handling chemicals and managing school laboratories.

The material will be developed through discussions and workshops, and published on this website, in the participating organizations’ languages and in English.

The website will include material about the following topics:

  • Concise information about European legislation on chemicals relevant to the community of science teachers
  • List of chemical risks, including labeling
  • Application of green chemistry principles in schools, including ideas of how specific examples of pedagogical content can be taught
  • Risk assessment of (i) students exercises as well as (ii) preparatory and after-work for teachers and other involved staff
  • Storage and waste
  • Responsibility issues and delegation
  • National conferences in Finland, Sweden, Slovenia and Norway in 2022
  • European conference for science teacher educators in Ljubljana in 2023
  • European conference for teachers in Helsinki in 2023

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